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Kirk Cousins: Road Grader

YOU LIKE THAT?!? I don't know what a road grader actually is, but I do know that Kirk Cousins just graded the fuck out of the road that runs through the Superdome and into the Divisional Round. 

The Redskins obviously played a big role in getting Kirk Cousins his massive deal by hitting him with the franchise tag for what felt like 5 years straight as he kept playing well enough to convince teams he could be a legitimate franchise quarterback. But Kirk just ensured his next contract is going to break all sorts of records now that he can be the Shohei Ohtani of the NFL as a franchise quarterback AND franchise left tackle. Name two positions that can make you more money in the NFL by simply being good at them. You can't. Taysom Hill may be putting on an absolute show by outperforming Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas at their respective positions. But he's not laying motherfuckers on their asses in the blocking game. Orlando Pace ain't got shit on Kirk Cousins' pancake blocking. Once Dave Gettleman's four computer folks get their hands on this video, they are going to offer every dollar the Giants have under the salary cap to have Cousins protect Danny Dimes' blindspot. And you know what? He honestly couldn't be worse than Nate Solder and he has appeared to have already broken Saints fans spirits with just his arm.