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UNC-Chapel Hill Is So Bad And Pathetic That Roy Williams Was Forced To Apologize To Anyone Associated With The Program

Oh you just HATE to see this. Let me set the scene a bit here. This was after UNC's loss to Georgia Tech yesterday, which looked a bit like this: 

You might say 'hey Reags, you idiot. You just hate UNC, they only lost by 13.' Well, that score was way closer than the game actually was which included scores like this: 

It took UNC nearly 14 minutes to make a field goal! It was so bad during the game that Roy Williams called timeout and just stood outside the huddle as his assistant talked to the team. 

Cole Anthony is out and I don't know if he's coming back. Anthony Harris, a promising freshman guard, just tore his ACL. I get all that. But it's like I said earlier this year, Roy rolled the dice on a bunch of wings and precisely zero hit. The up-transfers are playing like they are mid-major players. The freshmen haven't developed yet. Leaky Black is injured and can't really shoot. Brandon Robinson is being called on to do more than he should. Andrew Platek was playing far too many minutes. It's just a really bad UNC team, whether Cole Anthony comes back or not. 

I do wonder how UNC players feel hearing this. Imagine you're out here getting your ass kicked and then your coach is apologizing to fans, the state, former players, everyone associated with UNC-Chapel Hill. I'm sure that will sit well! Here we are in 2020 though with Roy Williams apologizing because his team fucking sucks. 

PS: Yes, I fully expect a million Luke Maye responses. Congrats, that was years ago. Stop acting like a mid-major and let's talk about present times. 

PPS: I will actually give a ton of credit to Roy Williams here. If Duke was this bad, Coach K would have faked a season-ending injury weeks ago and forced Jon Scheyer to take a bunch of losses.