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How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Wild Card Weekend is Here.

Welcome to the postseason. It’s win or go home for every team remaining, with the ultimate goal being a trip to Miami at the end of the month for Super Bowl LIV. Our first game today happens to be in New Orleans, and Mr. Commenter has an A+ strategy for the Saints to take care of home field in the Superdome this afternoon:

Will this strategy get the Saints one step closer to Miami (where they won their last Lombardi Trophy)? Only time will tell.

The ultimate Football Guy move. If you look too far ahead in the schedule, you’ll probably end up sitting at home with your season coming to an end.

I RE2PECT the move, but a certain Yankees captain claimed this one a while back. No word on the copyright status, though.

We are three wins away from a head coach having some sort of a dilemma. If the Titans win it all, Coach Vrabel’s next steps should be interesting.

Sharks and Minnows is right around the middle of the pack in terms of greatest recess games. I was never the fast one, so it was usually goodnight after the first round or two. More of a Foursquare or Knockout person myself.