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Isaiah Thomas Was Tossed For Beating The Absolute Shit Out Of An Official

Well, that escalated quickly. By rule did Isaiah make contact with an official? I suppose you could say that. Frankly I'm not sure how that ref is even able to work the rest of this game after that horrific beatdown. I know Isaiah is friends with Mayweather but I didn't know he was capable of that. He's out there making the Malice At The Palice look like a pillow fight. Tough break for this to happen right after getting suspended for going into the stands and calling out some asshole Sixers fan. That's unfortunate. My guess is he'll probably have to sit at least another game for this, even if there was no bad intentions. That ref seemed AWFULLY happy to throw him out too. I'm not convinced HE wasn't the one to make contact with Isaiah first. Maybe he was just acting in self defense, you can't rule it out.

I think this is where hockey hardos say "sick league" or something along those lines so......sick league.