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The All-22 Of Justin Fields' Last Interception Is The Most Depressing Thing I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life

Ohio State fans: do not watch this. Mental health is a real thing, and this blog is not going to put you in a good place. But for the haters, of which there are many, enjoy:

I've tried my best to avoid all of the hoopla surrounding the College Football Playoff since that completely rigged game ended with the lesser team winning, but this just popped up on my Twitter feed and it has made me absolutely sick. Either sick or depressed, I'm not sure which one as I stand here crying and puking into the toilet. Here's the All-22 of Justin Fields last pass:

Oh my goodness. Can you just imagine what could have been? If Chris Olave continues his route there, that is a game winning touchdown pass. Justin Fields would've just completed a game winning drive with 30 seconds left against the defending national champions on a 28 game win streak. The greatest drive in college football history. Olave would be a hero. Ryan Day would be a legend. And Justin Fields would have a statue built. But instead, Olave cut his route short, reversed field, and it was an easy interception. Game over.

Now I am not here, nor will I ever be here, to say anything bad about Chris Olave. But what on God's green earth was he looking at??

I mean, I never played wide receiver at the Division 1 level, but that seems pretty open enough to not change your route. But Olave said he thought Fields was scrambling, so he went into his secondary option. Unfortunately, Justin Fields was NOT scrambling, and he was in the process of hitting Chris in stride for a game winning score.

I just threw up again.

Add this to the laundry list of things that went wrong for the Buckeyes on this tragic night. I'll even man up and say that this play was probably self-inflicted. This, for once, was on the Buckeyes. After all that criminal mischief that happened in the replay booth, the Buckeyes still had a chance to fix the refs mistakes and win this game. And we chose not to. This one is going to haunt me for a very long time.