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EDDIE JACKSON IS A BEAR FOR LIFE! Signs A 4-Year Deal Making Him The Highest Paid Safety In The NFL

BIGGGGGG money for a big time player. I don’t know how all of this works to be honest. It feels like the Bears are committed long term for big money to like a 30 different guys.

Here is what I do know though….Eddie Jackson is worth it. If you need to have a foundational player at every level of the defense to succeed you can’t do much better than having Eddie Jackson back there. All he does is make plays. He’s an eraser. Nobody shined particularly bright on the Bears this year, but Eddie seemed like he was still taking away big plays and was an important player on what was still one of the best defenses in the league. If the Bears are going to be good in the near future they needed Eddie Jackson to be a part of the equation. Now he will be. How that impacts the rest of the roster…I don’t really know and I don’t really care. Eddie Jackson needed to be paid. Now he is. Eddie Always, you can buy a shirt