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Kyle Brandt Dubs Doug Pederson As The Wolf Of Broad Street And Now Seattle Should Just Stay On The Plane

I'll admit that "I'm not leaving" scene has been a little overplayed in the world of sports over the last few years. Pretty much any time a player decides to re-sign with his team instead of leaving for free agency, we get some version of that scene. And I'm not even talking about just star players anymore. It seems like pretty much any time a player decides to stay somewhere, it gets the Jordan Belfort treatment. 

But you know what? That doesn't change the fact that I am ready to go to war for the Wolf of Broad Street. Because you're goddamn right Dougie P isn't going anywhere. A home dog in the playoffs? Good fucking luck, Seattle. 

It doesn't matter that the Eagles are currently being held together with shoestring and bubble gum. It does't matter that Miles Sanders didn't practice yesterday. It doesn't matter that Zach Ertz most likely won't be in the lineup. It doesn't matter that Lane Johnson might not be able to play. Or DeSean Jackson or Alshon Jeffery or any of the other 500 starters who have gotten injured this year. Because you've got Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz and a bunch of practice squad players. That's all you need. That's a dangerous combination. You've got some hungry mother fuckers and a bunch of guys who have literally nothing to lose. 

What do the Seahawks have? They haven't had to face adversity. They haven't had to find ways to survive after hitting rock bottom. You think that anything the Seahawks have done this year has prepared them for what they're walking into on Sunday? A team that has been constantly doubted and laughed at all season long, filled with a bunch of players who have been constantly overlooked and never given a chance. The Eagles are a band of misfits and they're ready to fuck this whole league up. It might not be what the NFL wants. It might not be what the rest of the fans around the league want. But the Birds ain't fuckin' leaving. All Seattle can do now is pop some ludes and get the inevitable over with. 

Go Birds.