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Yoga Teacher Gains 40 Pounds In An Attempt To Prove Beauty Is On The Inside





SourceA yoga teacher is trying to change the face of the discipline and in the process says she has found a new self-awareness… by deliberately gaining 40lbs. Trina Hall, a yoga instructor based in Dallas Texas, embarked on a diet she describes as ‘see it, eat it’ to gain the weight, and blogged about her experience. The 34–year-old began to gain weight after hearing a friend and fellow yogi crying over her fear about been known as the ‘fat yoga teacher’. Trina, who has taught yoga for over six years, says on her blog: ‘I was taken aback by this statement because I would classify her as beautiful, fit, and trim. I wanted to explore her statement. ‘I thought this would be an experiment in empowering people to love their bodies and not try to fit society’s mould.’ Instead of her usual health-conscious diet, she told US News she began to eat exactly what she pleased – which included plenty of Mexican food



Brilliant idea. Someone was mean to my fat friend so the only logical move for me would be to get fat and gross and prove beauty is on the inside. Well Trina Hall is going to be in for a rude awakening. She’ll be getting gross looks everywhere in public, especially places that serve food. People will avoid sitting near her in any setting. Her students in the physical fitness class she teaches will have far less faith in her. She basically threw away her career because her friend cried one time. Because I’ve got bad news for you Trine, beauty isn’t on the inside. It never has been and it never will be. Sure, you can have a good personality and that will count for something eventually. But you need to be appealing to the eye before people care enough to find out about your personality. First impressions come before you open your mouth, and nothing is more important than a first impression.