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"Franz Ferdinand" Is Trending On Twitter But Not For The Reason The Lead Singer Of The Band Had Wished

I guess this is your classic good news, bad news situation. 

The good news is his band is trending world-wide on Twitter. You always want that. When your band is trending to millions and millions of people across the globe, that puts eyeballs on you. Spins on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere else go up. That's money in the bank. People start listening to "Take Me Out" and remember what a banger that is

The bad news, of course, is the reason it's trending....

Rolling Stone - Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos responded with some dismay to the fact that his band had inadvertently started trending as people drew comparisons between the assassination of the group’s namesake, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and the United States’ assassination of Iran’s top military commander, Qassim Suleimani.

Suleimani was killed in a drone strike, which President Donald Trump authorized, at Baghdad International Airport Friday morning, as The New York Times reports. 

As such, people on social media began comparing the assassination of Suleimani to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose 1914 death is widely cited as the catalyst for what would eventually become World War I.

Welp. Not exactly the best circumstances for people to have renewed interest in your band. You would prefer your band to be trending because you released a new smash single, or your just announced your world tour, not because we are going to war and you named your band after the reason WWI started. Yeesh.

So hey...I guess no such thing as bad publicity? I guess? It's not the most optimal way to make a quick buck, but hey, you can't control what you can't control.