Rajon Rondo Was Ready To Throw Punches After A Fan Called Him Chris Paul While Giving Him A Hug

First off, give me a break. This is faker than any time someone tells you 'that was great' or 'yeah, I finished.' This fan knew what he was doing and I respect him for having the balls to call Rajon Rondo, 'Chris Paul.' There are 0 people in the world who watch basketball and would confuse the two. This man is a troll acting out in real life. Why do I respect the fan for having the balls for what seems like an innocent mistake? Because Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul fucking hate each other. 

To quote our friend Coley Mick, Rajon Rondo is very much with the shits. He doesn't care if you're a fan trying to be funny of a Hall of Fame point guard, he will be ready to throw hands at any and all points. It's hilarious too. You have a guy in Chris Paul, who is known for nut-punching dudes as much as he is being a great point guard. Then you have Rondo, who is known for being a general jackass while being a great point guard. That's why I love this. 

I'll stand by this. Rondo deserved every right to clock that dude. Again, he knew what he was doing and as he went in for the hug Rondo had every right to 'trip' or 'fall'. Just saying it would pass in the court of law.