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Sad News - Jason Garrett Is OUT In Dallas :(

Well damn. The end of an era, folks. I’m sad to see the Jason Garrett era end so abruptly in Dallas. I mean Jerry only gave him 9 seasons, and he ended this season winning 2 out of 3 games, going into next season with all the momentum, but alas, Jerry decided no more.

I will say this- I’m pretty sure 90% of Jerry’s wins were against the Redskins. For some reason we always played the “don’t cover Jason Witten” defense and it never worked out. Nonetheless, we will miss seeing Mr. 8-8 II sheepishly patrol the sidelines in Dallas. We will miss his robotic clapping that he did no matter what the situation

And we will miss him taking an incredibly talented Cowboys roster, year after year, and getting nothing out of them.

Gotta give Jerry Jones some credit though, he stuck with Garrett for a long time. He is loyal if nothing else. The struggle now for him will be to find someone else who will fall in line the same way Jason Garrett did. That won’t be easy to find.

And as for Garrett? He’ll get more jobs. It’s not like he’s the absolute worst coach ever. Sure he still screws up when to punt and when to go for it, and sure he sometimes would kick a field goal at the 11 yard line while down by 7 in the 4th quarter, but sometimes you need more than 9 years to pick up on that stuff.

You’ll be missed, pal.

*Cue Big Cat’s Jeff Fischer video*