Out Of All The Reasons For A Traffic Jam To Start, A Highway Being Totally Covered By Tumbleweeds Is Easily The Best

Traffic is one of the things that human beings still haven't figure out. I mean we've attempted to engineer highways in ways which are designed to reduce traffic. But we haven't figured out a way to get rid of it yet. And most importantly, human beings haven't developed the emotional capacity to handle traffic yet. 

Think about it. Every time you get stuck in traffic, you become irrationally angry. Because you, the most important person in your own world, have some place to be and how dare these other pissants cause you any delay? Don't they know that this is your world and whatever you have to do at the current moment is priority #1? You want to find whoever is responsible for causing all this traffic in the first place and you want to beat them over the head with their own steering wheel. When the reality of the situation is that there's really nothing we can do about traffic because there are just far too many people on the roads, and chances are that nobody else on that road gives a shit about where you need to be because they have places that they need to be as well. 

But if we had more standstill traffic jams because the highway has been overtaken by tumbleweeds? Well I think that might solve a lot of our problems because that's actually pretty funny. You can't possibly get mad at that. Your body can't be filled with rage because you're trapped behind a wall of tumbleweeds. You won't be stringing together every curse word you've ever heard and flipping anybody off who tries to cut in front of you while you're all trapped in the weeds. One moment you're trying to figure out which asshole was driving 5 mph under the limit in the left lane to create this whole mess, the next moment you're stuck in the middle of a scene out of a cartoon. So tumbleweed might not be the key to solving traffic forever, but could it potentially put an end to everybody having murderous thoughts behind the wheel while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic? I think there's a legitimate chance.