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Barstool's Top 20 Tik Toks Of The Decade + Bonus Toks

Welcome to Barstool's Top 20 Tik Toks Of the Decade. 2019 was a hell of a ride. Well, at least the last couple months were. I hate Tik Tok as much as you, but at least it gives me and others something to do when we hit writers block. Unbiased as always, here are the Top 20 Tik Toks of 2019 from your favorite people. 

*Bonus* New Year, New Me

1. Double Stuffed (I should've named it Singled Stuffed, smh).

2. I'm Stevie Wonder And You're Watching Disney Channel!

3. NBA 2K20 Face Scan

4. When She Says She Has A Thing For Guys With Brown Eyes

5. I Don't Even Know What To Name This.

6. A Poor Man's Angel Mami Remake

7. When You Find Out The Guy And Girl In Porn Aren't Married

8. Another Poor Man's Angel Mami Remake

9. Girls Love A Guy With A Cute Pet

10. Boss Man, Let's Talk About My Raise

11. Needed To Hear This Today

12. Man Orders Pasta 

13. Rise And Shine Stormi!

14. Bumble Match Gone Wrong

15. Me And The Boys Celebrating International Men's Day

16. Tik Tok Traditions

17. Are You Going To Big Ev's Party?

18. Life Of A Military Soldier

19. Behind The Scenes Of Barstool Sports

20. Yet Another Poor Man's Angel Mami Remake

Tik Toks Of The Decade That Got Banned:

Here's to 2020. God help us all.