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Gene Simmons Puts Ice Cubes In His Cereal And Now It's The 2020 Vision For The Rest Of Us Mortals

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not a huge cereal guy. I rarely eat cereal and I think that's because I don't like warm milk. I don't mean warm like tepid. I mean warm like "it's gotten to room temperature. Seems warm." I think it's because of the science of the bowl. You see, bowls are wide and have lots of surface area. Because the surface area is wider, the temperature of the milk rises faster than say a mug of milk or a glass of coffee. 

Ice, though. Ice is very cold and could keep the temperature of the cereal down. It simply had never crossed my mind. We'll get into that at another time because I'm very disappointed in my brain. 

"CHAPS! CHAPS! When the ice begins to melt, it will water down the milk. What are we to do with watered-down milk in our beloved bowl of cinnamon toast crush? Better put some water in that shit! HAHA! Remember that from Friday?"

Of course I remember. My brain isn't that bad. Jesus Christ. That being said, it was an excellent question. 

Since it is the new year and we are trying to watch the calories, we shifted from whole milk town to 1percent or skim milk anyway. Now, in order to make this Cold Milk Only move work, we go back to the whole milk level, toss in two cubes, eat our cereal at a leisurely pace, ask our google home device to play Barstool Radio because we are back as fuck and ready to roll. Ready to Roll. 

I'm starting my day with the most important meal. Breakfast. I'm keeping my 2020 cereal like Hulk Hogan's switch to NWO. Cold. Ice Cold. 

Good work, everyone. Welcome back.