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Central Mass Pop Warner Player Told He Can't Play Because "He's Too Smart"

LUNENBURG (CBS) A youth football league is coming under fire in Central Massachusetts for telling a 12-year-old he can’t play with his team mid-season. Five years ago, Michael Nowd of Lunenburg skipped a grade in school because he was excelling academically but he continued to play with kids his age. An anonymous complaint to the Central Mass Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference brought the discrepancy to light. Conference officials said they have no choice but to ask Nowd to transfer to an older team. “I feel like they’re discriminating against a kid for being smart,” said Nowd’s mother, Dianne. The running back and team captain wants to finish his season with the Bengals, and the kids he’s played with for seven years. “Football is kind of my life,” Nowd said. “This is my favorite sport and I love coming here.” Nowd isn’t any bigger than the rest of his teammates in a grade below him. He’s even younger than half of them. And if Nowd had been held back a grade, instead of advanced , he would be eligible to play with the team.A league spokesperson told WBZ-TV national rules dictate kids must play with the team for their grade level. Although officials of the Central Mass league say their hands are tied, the Bengals are hoping the national America Youth Football league will intervene.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world. When people ignore common sense and say they can’t do anything because rules are rules. I mean who cares that everybody with a brain knows this kid should be allowed to play pop warner? Nope. Rules are rules. The Central Mass League hands are tied. Like changing this decision is like changing nuclear launch codes or something. Hey dickheads wake up! It’s freaking embarrassing you can’t figure this out without needing the National Youth Football League to intervene. It’s not that hard. Give the kid an exemption and let him play.

PS – Who the fuck tattled on this kid? What type of psycho was that? To tattle on a 12 year old for a dumb technicality that shouldn’t even matter in the first place? Cuckoo much?

Double PS – Can I buy stock in this kid? Smart, awesome hair, starting tailback, his friends love him. Kid has probably already laid more pipe than I have.