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Listen To David Stern Losing His Mind On Jim Rome After Being Asked If He Rigged The NBA Draft Lottery

If you somehow missed it yesterday, David Stern died at 77 after suffering a brain hemorrhage a few weeks ago. This clip started going around and honestly I forgot all about it. David Stern was such a 'I don't give a fuck' kind of dude and this clip is the perfect showing of that. It's not even a bad question by Rome! It's legit. He says he wants to talk about conspiracy theories and there's no bigger conspiracy theory in the NBA than the 1985 frozen envelope. 

It's talked about every year around the NBA Draft lottery. Just be lucky you never asked David Stern about it because he will retort by straight up asking you (or Jim Rome) if you still beat your wife. Fucking ruthless attack by the commish. And yes, it's a common retort, but it's typically not said by a commissioner on a radio interview.  

I said it in the blog yesterday and it's worth saying again. David Stern is the most important person to the NBA for anyone our generation and arguably of all time. Yes, they had MJ and Bird vs Magic, but none of that is sold without Stern. He's the guy that knew how to take THIS LEAGUE and capitalize on it. He grew the brand to the international stage and you even had Giannis yesterday talking about