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The Charlotte Hornets Just Unveiled Their New Jerseys For The Upcoming Season And They're Hot Fire

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Boom!  Hot fire!  So hot I think my computer just caught on fire.  They just unveiled these and they are fucking awesome.  I don’t care if we’re balls deep into summer, break out those Starter jackets and celebrate.  Dance up and down your block.  This is the perfect occasion.  That turquoise alternate jersey might be the best looking jersey to ever exist.  I usually operate under the rule that no non-athelete should rock a basketball jersey because it looks absolutely absurd.  Nothing worse than standing next to some 400 pound dude at the bar who who hasn’t showered since the late 90’s wearing an MJ jersey.  Too much arm exposure.  But I might make an exception here.  That alternate is flat out ridiculously awesome.


Ladies, I’m open for business.

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