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Wake Up Hungover With Iron Man Snapping In The New Year At The Stroke Of Midnight

Look, I get that actually doing one of those New Years midnight challenges and huddling around a TV at a party waiting for a fictional character from a fictional movie to (8 MONTH OLD SPOILER ALERT) turn a shitload of fictional villains into dusty in the wind is about as nerdy as it gets. But considering millions of people huddle around their TVs to watch C-List celebrities count backwards from 10 and wish each other a Happy New Year as more than a million idiots freeze their ass off dick-to-ass in the middle of Times fucking Square, suddenly watching a great movie doesn't seem so crazy. Is it for me? Not in the least. Partially because my washed ass passed out at 9:30, partially because I would have fucked up the start time and greeted the New Year with Hulk throwing that bench across the lake or some shit. But watching my dog Toney Stark make the ultimate sacrifice in the most heroic scene in cinematic history by wiping out Thanos' army as the iWatch popped those magical fireworks put a smile on this old nerds face without having to actually do any of the work, feel like a loser, or piss off any of my non-nerd friends along the way.

P.S. I woke up to multiple fireworks text messages this morning because my family loves me (nbd) and I gotta say, every single one hit just as hard as the first. #TeamFireworks for life

Speaking of which, here is the same scene cued up with the Sydney fireworks.

Happy New Year everyone! Lets try to make it as long as possible before we ruin our resolutions!