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Zion Williamson Is Actually Alive And Should Debut This Month!

Stay hot 2020! Remember Zion? The most hyped prospect since LeBron and the new savior of the Pelicans? I wouldn't blame you if you forgot all about him seeing as how we've seen him play about 10 seconds of basketball since he was drafted. But you heard Shams, it looks like our wait to see Zion debut and play in NBA games that actually count seems to be coming to an end. I can't really blame the Pelicans for being overly cautious, especially when we're talking about knee injuries and things that are pretty significant when it comes to how Zion plays. The Pelicans have an uphill battle given they are a full 4 games out of the 8th spot, but they've also won 4 in a row and it's not like they have to jump world beaters if they want to start thinking about the playoffs. It's a longshot, but with Zion in the fold who knows maybe that's the shot in the arm they need.

The question now becomes, when in January could this happen. I think it's a little too unrealistic to think he'll be ready for Friday's game against the Lakers that's on ESPN, so let's look at their other nationally televised games this month. 

January 10th @ New York Knicks

January 18th vs Los Angeles Clippers

January 20th @ Memphis Grizzlies

January 26th vs Boston Celtics

I feel like the Knicks game isn't crazy. Maybe he's active the game before against CHI so he gets some run before being on national TV. Given the ties he had with the Knicks before the draft, that seems like a good spot. I'd be surprised if we got this report now and we didn't see Zion until mid January. I know the team won't really care about being on national TV, but it wouldn't shock me if Adam Silver made a phone call and maybe suggested that January 10th game. I mean who the fuck is going to watch the Knicks against a Zion-less Pelicans team. Thats why I'm thinking the 10th is the latest.

All I know is it feels like we've been waiting forever for Zion to finally play in real NBA games and as a reminder this is what is in our immediate future

Maybe 2020 won't be so bad after all.