Size 34x50 Pants Look Exactly Like You’d Expect Them To: Simply Outrageous

These pants are exactly what I needed this morning. It’s the day before a long break ends. I’m sick of my kids and the neighbors were shooting off fireworks into the wee hours of the morning.

I roll over and see these beautiful pants on the timeline. Now, if these pants were purchased off the rack, it’s a problem. There simply cannot be enough fellas wearing a 34x50 to keep these in stock at a traditional store. However, maybe he ordered them from an online consignment shop and they belonged to longtime stoolie Manute Bol just a short 10 years ago.

Back then, Manute probably was trying to work on his fitness by swimming and left his brand new pants in the locker room. No one at the gym had his contact info because he was there as a guest for the holiday break. As a result, the 34x50s sat unclaimed for a decade before one luckily soul got them in the mail by mistake and used them to create a viral moment whereby we’d remember the legend that was Manute.


( normal looking picture with the tallest man in the nba swimming) 

That being said, Rest In Peace, Manute. We miss you every day.