Just A Heads Up, The Pope Will Smack Your Hand If You Grab Him And Won't Let Go

Whoa! Smacked her hand right away. Not very a very forgiving gesture IMHO. Cool Pope Frank was like, “Hey how about you get the fuck off me lady huh? Jesus christ.” Never in my life did I ever think I’d be blogging a video where a Pope throws hands with a follower but here we are, the world is the most unpredictable place. This must be why Popes prefer riding around in the Popemobile. Those things are safe and secure and impenetrable. I mean ain’t nobody reaching out and pulling the Pope’s arm outta his socket in this fucking thing

The meeting of Pope Francis with the members of the Movement

Look how happy he is to be away from alllllllllllllll those fucking people. People, yuck. Not to mention I’m pretty sure that car could take a rocket launcher to the face and keep it moving. Cool Pope Frank went right back to shaking hands and kissing babies afterwards. Didn’t miss a god damn beat.

Flip side, that’ll easily be the most memorable New Year’s Eve that lady EVER has. Bar none. Nothing will match it. Not even the most romantic kiss with your soul mate at the strike of midnight is topping getting smacked by the Pope before the new year. So that’s something.