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Wait So The Fake Internet Money DogeCoin is Sponsoring a NASCAR Car Because If You Raise Enough Fake Money It's Worth Real Money

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I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling right now. I invented NateBux because of all these fake currencies that are popping up and the Winkelvi are flying to the moon, and Chinese people are going to jail and just all sorts of weird Internet shit so naturally I needed to be in on it. So I invented my own currency called NateBux which are currently trading at $26 per bux. How it works is you tell me you want one and hand me 26 dollars, then I say okay you have a NateBux, and that’s that. But now, a Doge Coin is sponsoring a race car. How in the..I don’t even comprehend it. They invented a currency, pooled together their fake currency, and now fake dog internet money will be flying around Talladega.

So I suppose those who have NateBux better hold onto them because we are going places. But I don’t want some stupid car. I’m eyeing the naming rights for Camden Yards as I type this. I just have to sell more NateBux and then I think I own the stadium. That’s where we’re at. NateBux Stadium at Camden Yards. Book it.