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Ryan Pace Says The Starting Quarterback For The 2020 Chicago Bears Will Be....

No real surprise, but there it is. Mitch is our quarterback.

When they asked about the backup both Pace and Nagy said that there will be an evaluation to see if there is room for growth there. It doesn’t sound like they’ll be in the market for Alex Smith, Cam Newton, Dalton, etc. Chase Daniel might not be the #2, but bringing in an “in-case-of-emergency-break-glass-when-mitchell-sucks-type-of-guy”. Pace and Nagy used the word “growth” roughly 483 times so far during this press conference. They’re doubling down on Mitch. Maybe they think he’s still the best option. Maybe they think they don’t have a choice. Either way, publicly at least, they’re committed to Mitch 2020.

Not only will the QB1 be the same, but it sounds like nothing will change


Nagy is obviously sitting right next to Pace so it’d be awkward for Pace to be like “yeah, uhhh, the guy to my right…he IS in fact an idiot”. Teams never really tip their hand in press conferences like this, but Pace was so strong in his language that it bothered me. The 2019 Bears were a COLOSSAL disappointment and they acknowledged that to a degree, but then also said there would be zero substantial changes. Patience, growth, evaluation, and all the other platitudes from a team that seems to have plateud. Not great.