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Wake Up With Some Idiot Yankee Fans Shooting Fireworks Off DURING A GAME FROM THE STANDS
Now we all know that Yankee fans aren't the smartest people in the world, some may even call them idiots. I am one of those people. I do it for fun, but I also do it because look at what they did back in 1981. You had a group of Yankee fans who literally brought fireworks INTO the stadium and shot them off from the upper deck. Get a life, hillbillies. People spent their hard, earned money to come to the dump they used to call Yankee Stadium and some jerk off has the balls to shoot fireworks off during the game? Act like you've been there before, New York., Then they started throwing stuff and it hit one of the players. I'm surprised Billy Martin didn't fight every bum in that stadium. IMO, I'd wipe out all of their World Series since this incident because it was so despicable and disgusting. Fireworks are only meant for home runs, World Series celebrations (not that I would know that), parades maybe, 4th of July, and New Years. So tonight when you are watching the fireworks, just think about those Athletics on the field, and not the idiot Yankee fans during this horrific night.
Enjoy your New Years and please remember to get a DD tonight. Don't be an idiot.