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Here Are The Best NFL Fullbacks Of 2019, By Fullback Assists

This year we invented a stat called the Fullback Assist desinged to give glory to those who dont seek it- the noble fullback. Fullbacks are the coal that powers the engines of America- the lean protein that allows for gains whilst also keeping your mane and coat shiny with natural oils. 2019 is the year that the fullback went back mainstream, the year that John Henry not only opened up a hole for the freight train to follow, but also got the ball from the conductor and was aloud to spike it once for his time and effort.

The fullback assist measures something that was once thought to be immeasurable: grit.There’s a full primer on it here including last years league leaders. But basically a fullback assist is awarded when a player serves as a lead blocker on a touchdown run of five yards or less. So without further ado here are your league leaders (massive shoutout to PMT Sports Biz guru Jake Marsh for compiling these all year):


1- CJ Ham (7 fullback assists)

Perfect fullback name. Perfect use in this offense which is predicated around emphasizing Kirk Cousins strengths at handing the ball off to more talented players. A Cook is worhtless if he doesnt have a good cut of meat to work with and Ham is the working mans rib roast. Congrats to CJ who has a versitile skillset but still maintains the attitude that he’d rather run through you then around you. He’s shifty but in a physcal way, like if you made one of those super swivel Dyson Vaccuums out of a bowling ball.

Heres a good example of some of his work around the goaline:

And here he is in the open field taking out two Falcons on this play:

2- Alec Ingold (5)

As a University of Wisconsin alumn, Alec is a Lowman Trophy winner, and hes gonna add to his hardware collection because im giving him the coveted fullback assist of the year award for this goalline play against the Bears as he leaps over the pile taking out two opponents and clearing the way for Josh Jacobs:


2- Kyle Juszychyzykczck (5)

An alltime “what might of been” season for Kyle who put up 5 FBAs depsite the fact that he was injured with a seperated shoulder for several weeks.

2- Jamize Olawale (5)

Only starting cowboys runningback whose jersey hasnt been thrown into a kitchen trash can by Skip Bayless this year. Hats off to a great 2019 campaign Jamize.

2- Derek Watt (5)

Is Derek the best Watt brother at his positon in the NFL? With a statistical performence like he had this year, its tough to argue otherwise.

2- Keith Smith (5)

Keith deserves mention here for his tireless work in fullback conservation, most notabley his “Make Fullbacks Great Again” movement that took off. He also had a great year depsite the fact that his offense is more based around the philosophy of goaline fades and 30 yd field goals.

7- Patrick Ricard (4)

Great season everyone. Coudnt help but notice that the average number of wins of teams with fullbacks in the top 7 FBAs is 9.14. So it looks like by any stretch of the imaginaton, fullbacks are officially cool again.