Game Of Thrones: Purple Wedding (Spoilers)

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Welp there it is! Cuncel Da Joffrey. Every Game of Thrones viewer finally got their wish. One of the most hated characters in television history finally bites the bullet. All I know is that if George R.R. Martin ever invites you to a wedding, stay the fuck away. Politely decline and keep it movin.

I thought this was going to be one of the most satisfying deaths in TV history. Joffrey is one of the most fucked up, cowardly pricks to ever grace the small screen. I’ve been waiting for the day he meets his demise, but I gotta be honest – this wasn’t nearly as satisfying as I thought it was gonna be. I thought for sure we’d see some revenge for Sansa Stark. Or maybe the Half Man finally takes out all his anger and frustration on the little son of a bitch. Perhaps Tywinn finally gets fed up and chokes the little inbred to death. Shit I would loved to have seen a dragon burn his ass up. I mean yes, watching him slowly choke to death was pretty solid. The purple face and the bloodshot eyes with the blood dripping from his nose and the corners of his mouth was a great shot:

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Seeing this little fucking asshole choking on his own vomit bleeding from every hole on his face was awesome. I just thought there was gonna be a more satisfying story alongside of it that an anonymous poisoning. I wanted a longer, drawn out scene where Joffrey’s fear and cowardice leads to a bloody, violent end from one of the many characters who want to see him dead. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning and reason for dying in this fashion, but I just wanted something a little more gratifying.  Whatever, as long as that little motherfucker is sheets I’m happy. Shits about to get real real in the 7 Kingdoms now.

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