Kylie Jenner Was Gracious Enough To End 2019 By Giving Us One Last Thirst Trap

How gracious! I feel like there’s a lot of Kylie Jenner haters out there, because for some reason people don’t see just how genius the Jenner/Kardashian collective is and resent the fact that they are the greatest running empire in existence, but here you all are. You clicked and I would’ve too. We’re all here in the same place looking at the same Kylie Jenner thirst trap. A glorious occasion indeed. Because the fact of the matter is, when Kylie reaches back and throws her fastball, it’s one of the most formidable fastballs in the game. It just is. Kylie Jenner has it going on in every way possible. She’s got a billi in the bank at 22 years old, she’s got a stranglehold on a demographic and a following that corporations can only dream of and she has a body everyone wants to marvel at. Pretty damn good if you ask me.