Dwayne Haskins: “Chase Young No Matter What”

HUGE. Huge, huge, huge vote of confidence for the Chase Young No Matter What wagon. Dwayne saw him live and in person at Ohio State, he knows what he’s capable of. He knows edge rushers who get 16.5 sacks in a season don’t just grow on trees. 

And some people keep bringing up the Clemson game. Are we really going to pass over what could be a once in generation talent because of one game? Ask the teams that passed over JJ Watt how that went for them. The most sacks JJ had in a single college season was 7. Khalil Mack played in the MAC against sub-par competition and the most sacks he got was 10.5 in his senior year. Chase Young had 10.5 his sophomore year and 16.5 his junior year! You don’t want to be the team that passes over JJ Watt or Khalil Mack, you just don’t. I know it, you know it, Haskins knows it...but will our future GM know it? There in lies the million dollar question.