The Bumble Dating App Blocked Sharon Stone Because No One Believed It Was Actually Her

Sharon Stone is a bonafide international sex symbol. She might have one of the more iconic names in the history of humans. She's a legend, and yet, here she is in 2019 online looking for a date on Bumble like the rest of us. What a world. 

Let me be loud and clear. If SHARON STONE cannot get a date in this world, especially on a dating app, then there's no hope for any of us. Sharon was out here just trying to find a match like all of us lonely fucks and what happened? Her account was BLOCKED because people thought she was fake. Happens to me all the time, Sharon. It's exhausting, I know. The world just doesn't want us to find love. No one will believe it's really us. How could they be so lucky? 

To be honest, if I matched with Sharon Stone on a dating app there's no chance in hell I would ever think it's her. I mean how could you? Well, turns out she's 61 years old and still looking for love. And for anyone doesn't think she has it anymore? She did this photoshoot only a few years ago. Sharon Stone will always have it. 

Thankfully, the folks over at Bumble found her account and unblocked her. 


I think now it's only fair she takes @StachesStashes on a date. He has a car and is willing to drive up to 25 miles. That's determination.