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Reader Email - Is Waiting For A Package From Fed Ex An Acceptable Reason Not To Show Up to Work?


Reader Email

From: John Feitelberg
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 9:26 AM
To: David Portnoy
Subject: Going to be a little later today

Waiting for a package that got shipped yesterday that they wouldn’t let me pick up at the service center because the address on my ID doesn’t match the shipping address.

I’ll be there right after it gets here.


It’s time for everybody’s favorite game.  Today in weak ass Feitleberg excuses for not showing up to work.  Bro showed up at 1pm today. All because he was waiting for a package from Fed Ex. No seriously that’s the reason he gave. It’s almost better than when he took a snow day because his car was plowed in. What was in the package that was so important that he took a half day to wait for it you ask? Bedding and linens. No really. Bedding and linens. John “Bedding and Linens” Feitleberg. Must be nice to live in fantasy land huh? Nope can’t make it into work today on time today.  I’m waiting for the mail. I’m sure my boss won’t care.