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Japanese Volleyball Coach's Slap Game Is Off The Charts


(JapanTimes) A video showing a volleyball coach repeatedly slapping a high school student — just days after Tokyo was awarded the 2020 Olympics — is the latest example of brutality to tarnish Japanese sports. A short clip posted on YouTube showed the teacher at Hamamatsu Nittai Senior High School in Shizuoka Prefecture smacking the student’s face at least 13 times in 16 seconds. “Don’t joke around, kid! Do you understand? You’re stupid,” the teacher yells in the video as he repeatedly slaps the child’s face. It was authenticated by the school. According to the school, the teacher has admitted the physical abuse of the second-year student, saying: “I wanted to shake him up, but I went about it the wrong way.” Second-year high school students are 16 or 17 years old. Toshitaka Shiozawa, the assistant principal, said the 41-year-old teacher had also beaten another student the same day. He declined to reveal the teacher’s name. Neither student suffered any lasting injuries in the attacks, Shiozawa said, adding the school was considering punishing the teacher.



Can an entirely Japanese story be a pussification of America story? Because that’s exactly what this is. Everyone catch the last line in that news story? They’re considering punishing this teacher. Dude unleashes like 1,000 slaps in 16 seconds and they’re CONSIDERING punishing him. What do you think would have happened if this were America? The place where football coaches get fired for smacking a kid in the helmet? Where baseball coaches get fired for sprinting their kids or swearing at them? It would be like the final scene of Beauty and the Beast if this took place stateside. Towns people with pitchforks and torches storming the coach’s house looking for blood because he was mean to their perfect little flower. But in Japan, where they were just awarded the 2020 Olympics mind you, all they care about is results. Oh you beat the fuck out of the kid? Well how’d he play after? Made a dig and a spike? Then it worked! Keep doing a great job, coach.


Cue the “How Can She Slap” video…