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Ryan Fitzpatrick Broke Marcus Allen's Single Season Rushing Record... Wait What?

GOAT. Legend. Icon. One of the all time greats at toting the rock. As I blogged a few months back, he had already passed Bo Jackson in career rushing touchdowns. And now we see him surpassing the likes of Marcus Allen, Emmitt Smith, and John Riggins for single season rushing records, both yards and touchdowns. You know how many touchdowns those guys threw on top of their prowess running between the tackles? I’m not going to look it up, so let’s say two. Also known as substantially less than Rumblin’ Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The guy continues to rack up accolades that only all time greats can match and he still can’t latch on with one team for more than a few seasons. Seems to be a bias across the board from NFL GMs against Harvard QBs. It’s a sad time we live in that a guy is setting marks that Hall of Famers couldn’t sniff and the Dolphins probably wont bring back this champion of men. To me, it’s disgraceful. Used to be that only running backs could lead your time in rushing yards and touchdowns. But times change, and so does football.