After Sleeping On It, I Would Like To Apologize For Being Wrong Last Night

Sometimes you say things in the heat of the moment that you don't really mean. You get all caught up in the emotions and excitement and tension that you don't have time to really think about what you want to say. And that's exactly what happened last night. I blogged immediately after the game and pure unwarranted anger came out.

I regret what I said. I was wrong.

Yikes. What a terrible blog title. Blaming the game on the refs? 

Now that I've had a full night of rest and time to clear my mind, I would like to change my official statement. This game had nothing to do with the referees. I owe them an apology for saying they cost Ohio State the National Championship.

It was the replay official that cost Ohio State the National Championship.

The referees did nothing wrong last night. In fact, they were actually 2/2 on EASY calls. They had it down as a normal sack until the big dumb replay official who is clearly from South Carolina or Louisiana buzzed in to say let's take another look at the 6'6 QB ducking his head down to meet the crown of the 6'1 defensive back. That's not the ref on the field's fault. That is completely on whoever makes the replay decisions. 

And then with the most atrocious reversed call in the history of instant replay, again, the refs on the field did their job. THEY CALLED IT A TOUCHDOWN. It was the replay official who found indisputable evidence to say that it was an incomplete pass. I seriously need an examination done on the guy that changed this call. He's so dumb that he's a threat to society. The reciever took 3 steps and made a move upfield before getting the ball punched out. That was a fumble and there's not one person with a working brain and working eyes on this Earth that disagrees. So for him to say that there was indisputable evidence.....I might puke. But honestly, you can't convince me that there wasn't any funny business going on with these replays. Or with the whole College Football Playoff in general.

OSU dropped to 2 because ESPN owns the SEC and ACC networks. Then the first game gets officiated by an ACC crew. Then our game gets officiated by an SEC crew. This whole thing stinks. And we still come out and punch Clemson in the mouth. So the big bad replay guy had to take matters into his own hands and orchestrate an LSU vs. Clemson national championship. I won't even watch. You shouldn't even watch if you have an ounce of integrity in your body. The best team in the country will be sitting at home on the 13th.


So yeah, I shouldn't have blogged so quickly that it was the refs fault. It was the replay officials fault. And definitely not the Buckeyes.