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Wake Up With Herb Brooks "Great Moments Are Born From Great Opportunity"

Not to brag or anything but this video works in two different ways today, which makes me incredibly good at my job. First on deck, we have Team USA taking on the Russians at the 2020 World Juniors at 1pm. Hopefully those greasy Soviets wasted all of their good goals yesterday when they beat the absolute piss out of Canada. A win today for USA and they're right back in the mix to finish 1st in the group. 

Then after that we have Eagles going up against the New York Football Giants. I know this should be an easy win for the Birds but there's no such thing as an easy win for this team. However, a win today and somehow this godforsaken piece of garbage Philadelphia Eagles team will be hosting a playoff game. Insanity, I know. 

Let's have a day, boys and girls. This is your time. Now go out there and take it! 


I'll see everybody at the USA vs Russia LIVE BLOG today at 1.