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Here Are Some Things Ohio State Could've Done To, You Know, Win The Game

Ohio State fans won't shut up about the refs. I'd say it's sickening, but it's what I expected. Never been any accountability at that university in the 21st century. Look at Jim Tressell and Urban Meyer. 

OSU fans probably won't read this blog, but I'm going to write it anyway. 

Here's a list of things OSU could've done to, you know, win the game:

-Scored a TD in the red zone. They didn't do that tonight. No, really, zero TDs in the red zone. 

-Not ran into the punter:


-Stopped Clemson when they had the ball on their own 5-yard-line with 4 minutes to go. 

-Tackled Trevor Lawrence:

-Not thrown an interception with the game on the line.

-Chase Young could've gotten a sack. 

-Not led with the crown of their helmet when tackling Trevor Lawrence.