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Remember The Homeless Guy Who Returned A Bag Of Cash And I Said He'd Have A GoFundMe For Him By Sundown? He Had A GoFundMe For Him By Sundown

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Yesterday on Barstool


I’m not the bragging type. I didn’t ask for attention when I broke the NHL lockout ending or when balloon guy crashed in 12 hours and I’m certainly not asking for it now. You want to say I’m the best at being right? Fine, you can say it. But I won’t. Because this one was too easy to call. I’m no hero for pointing out the obvious. This homeless bum is no idiot. He finds a bag of 2 grand and a shitload of traveler’s checks and he knows he can turn that into way more usable money (sidenote: I have no idea how traveler’s checks work because I’m not 100 years old. But I don’t think anyone can just spend them). I’m positive he’d read all about the bus lady on his iPhone and knew that if a lady can get paid 200 grand for sucking at her job then a homeless guy returning lost money could get a real nice payday. Like I said, returning found money 5 years ago was an idiotic move, today it’s a brilliant investment in your future.