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If Bruce Allen Stays With The Redskins To Lead The "New Stadium Process" We Riot

I couldn’t even clean up the mess I made after JP broke the news that Bruce Allen is being fired from his position of team president before Grant had to drop this bomb saying he’s hearing Bruce Allen is expected to stay with the team to “lead the new stadium process”. Are you serious, Clark? That’s insane. Not just because we need a complete break between the Skins and Allen, but also because Bruce Allen freaking SUCKKKKKSSSSS at getting a new stadium deal. He has been rejected by Maryland and DC several times, and bumfuck Virginia seems to be the only option left, and it’s the one nobody wants. Imagine having to drive out to Loudon County? No thank you. Meanwhile ol’ RFK just sits there in a prime location, and DC continually tells Bruce Allen to kick rocks:


1067 - The Washington Redskins quest to return to playing in D.C. hit yet another snag.

While the team fell to 3-12 on the season Sunday at FedEx Field, the organization suffered another defeat on Capitol Hill. The Washington Post reported an effort to insert language into a massive federal spending bill to clear the way for the Redskins to build a new football stadium on the RFK Stadium site failed for the second straight year.

They’d sooner watch RFK get eaten by termites than give that land to Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen. But yet he is insistent on keeping Brucey Boy in the fold. Which as I wrote about an hour ago, is my worst nightmare:

Barstool Sports - Just because he is removed from head of football operations does not mean he’s out of Dan Snyder’s ear. That’s the scary part to me. What if he publicly removes him from office but privately still listens to him? An actual fucking nightmare.

So the more things change, the more they stay the same. Sighhhh. I don’t even know what to say.

Just imagine this scenario: Dan Snyder brings in a new team president/head of football operations. He promises this person things are different now. He promises Bruce Allen doesn’t have sway. But Bruce is still on the payroll. He still walks around Redskins Park like he owns the joint. He still routinely has meetings and dinners with Dan Snyder. Do you really think things will actually be that different? I’m going to go off of 20 years of watching a Dan Snyder owned football team and buzz in with the answer “no, no it will not actually be that different”. A nightmare.