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Jaguars To Fire Head Coach Doug Marrone After Tomorrow’s Game And I’m Sad About It

I’ll be honest; this stinks. It had to be done though. I like Doug Marrone and thinks he’s a good football coach that get dealt a shitty hand with Tom Coughlin running his reign of terror in Duval.

Things looked bright in 2017. Now, things look dim as shit in Jacksonville so you have to do a reset.

I’ll tell you one more thing about this situation. If Dave Caldwell stays, I’ll lose my mind. He shouldn’t get to hire a third coach. Gus Bradley was a disaster. Doug Marrone was too. Caldwell had 5 drafts with top 5 talent falling in his lap. The only player of those 6 still on the team is Leonard Fournette. Luke Joeckel, Blake Bortles, Dante Fowler, and Jalen Ramsey are all gone. Most of the 2nd round picks from those drafts are gone too. Caldwell must go but now we know that Marrone will be gone after tomorrow. Sucks but it had to happen.


Ps: Blogged this in my car at a gas station on my phone. Glad we have an app now. Pretty dope.