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Oh Hey Napoli and Gomes....I Told You Our Blood Sweat Beards Tshirt Was The Official Tshirt of the Red Sox


Courtesy BostonHerald


BUOtYMsIUAAAl0Q.jpg large2 DEMPSTER bloodsweat

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 12.48.54 PM


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Yeah I know I posted this a couple times over the weekend, but this is for people who only check the Stool M-F which is like 99% of our audience.   Plus tons of motherfuckers are trying to bite our swag per usual.  Everybody and their grandmother ripping this shirt off.  No worries.  There is only 1 official shirt of the Sox this year and it’s our Blood Sweat Beards shirt.   Let all the other bottom feeders fight for our scraps.

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PS – How about these clowns?