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Miley Cyrus Really, Really, REALLY Misses Her Dog That Died

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MNN – Since the passing of her beloved dog Floyd on April 1, pop singer Miley Cyrus has publicly been expressing her grief via social media and song.  The 21-year-old has seemingly turned to twitter as a way to cope, with dozens of messages to her almost 18 million followers chronicling her sadness. While we’ve likely all had to suffer through the loss of a pet, Cyrus took her grieving to a theatrical level, commissioning the creation of a gigantic inflatable replica of Floyd (in only two days!) for a concert in Boston on April 3. She also rolled out the inflatable pup for her performance at Barclays on Saturday.  “That was the hardest song of the night to do,” she told the New York audience after singing “Can’t Be Tamed.” “As y’all know, because I lost my Floydie this week. Sometimes I just can’t stop from breaking down crying.”

I am not gonna knock anybody grieving a dead dog. Thats one of the hardest things anyone can have to endure. I’ve had grandparents and shit die that I didnt like as much as my first dog. And when Duncan kicks the bucket one day way in the future I would fucking love to cruise around with a giant inflatable version of him. Just in my backyard somewhere in the burbs weeping at his feet sobbing uncontrollably. Canceling blog days because every morning my gigantic inflatable dog reminds me of my loss. Scaring the neighbors with a 50 foot statue of a golden doodle. Because thats the proper send off a good dog deserves.

RIP to Floyd.