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Iowa Absolutely DOMINATES USC In The Holiday Bowl, 49-24

You know what that was? That was just good ol fashioned fun if you’re an Iowa fan. The most fun we could’ve asked for. Ending the season with 10 wins feels soooooooooooo good. There were times when the Hawkeyes didn’t feel like a 10-win team but they only lost to Michigan by a touchdown, Penn State by 5 and Wisconsin by two. Those are three losses to three good teams and Iowa was still in the hunt to represent the West in the B1G Championship until late in the season. What I’m saying is this was a damn good year for Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes.

As far as tonight’s game, people like to give Brian Ferentz a lot of shit (and rightfully so) but he called a masterful one tonight.


That’s just a fun play to score on. And then of course there was the stretch where the Hawks ran not one, not two but THREE QB sneaks in a row. A laugh out loud funny thing to do but it also just made sense. QB sneaks have been one of Iowa’s best plays all year.

Remember when they ran a QB sneak on 3rd and 3 against Nebraska?


Ihmir Smith-Marsette had himself a BALL GAME

He had 3 TDs on the night when it was all said and done

And then there was Nate mother fucking Stanley playing his last game in an Iowa uniform. Pulling plays like this outta his ass


How he got that throw off I’ll never know. What a beast.

Also this is pretty good IMO

You really can’t ask for much more out of an Iowa QB than whipping on the Cyclones and the Corn Huskers for an entire career. He’ll forever be a legend simply for that in my book. I’m gonna miss Nate Stanley and so are you if you’re a Hawkeye fan. One of the best to ever wear the black and gold.

Nick Niemann finished the game off with a pick 6

What a day. What a damn day. USC STINKS by the way. A really bad football team. That one was for Brad Banks. Go Hawks.

Long Live Hayden Fry