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The NBA Drug Tested Josh Richardson Because He Tweeted About Family Guy


What a fantastic series of events. Maybe not for Josh Richardson, who was just trying to relax and enjoy himself with some Family Guy after curb stomping the Bucks the day before on Christmas and the next thing you know the NBA is coming for his piss. Just so we're all clear here, this is what Richardson is referring to

an intro we've all heard a billion times since this historic show first hit the airwaves. And I'll admit, I had never really noticed Brian's voice during the song, but now that Richardson said something it's all I hear. Weird how your brain works like that but the man does have a point. 

At the same time, this tweet is red flag city for someone who may be enjoying his holiday break up in the clouds, especially after a big win. You see that tweet on your timeline and you know what's going on. Which is why I find it very funny that the NBA clearly has someone whose job it is to scan Twitter/IG and look for shit like this. Anything that looks remotely off like a player could be a few blunts deep immediately gets a drug test. There's no @s in that tweet, nobody is tagged, Josh Richardson is simply minding his business yet the NBA somehow catches wind. It's not like his initial tweet went all that viral or anything either. I thought the NBA was supposed to be cool so what type of narc shit is this. 

This isn't the first time the internet has led the league to drug test someone either. Remember when Alex Caruso got tested because a photoshop of him jacked as hell went viral?


some intern saw this on IG, ran it up the ladder and the next thing Caruso knew he was getting piss tested. Let this be a warning to any player out there. If you're getting fucked up, just put your phone away. The NBA has burners everywhere apparently and you never know when you'll be next on their list.