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#PhotoshopSZN Is BACK: We Have A Rumor That The Knicks Are Trying To Trade For KAT

Let's check off that square on Knicks bingo. We didn't make it to the turn of the calendar until we had our first star to the Knicks rumor. Annnnnnndddd of course it's Karl-Anthony Towns, someone who is always linked to the Knicks ever since the Knicks fucked around and didn't get the 1 pick to land KAT. 

Really this is just the perfect Knicks story though. Make us think that they are actually doing some work to land a star only for something to 'fail' and him end up in Minnesota or elsewhere. Am I going to get excited about this? Of course, because this is all I have as a Knicks fan until James Dolan gets outta here. That's why I urge every Knicks fan to remember this scene

I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Toss out literally every young player and see if you can land KAT. He's better than every single player on the Knicks roster. Give some expiring contracts, give some young players, get us fans excited and then miss out on the star. Sell all of us on KAT wanting to come back home - remember, he grew up in Jersey and played for St. Joe's with Wade Baldwin and Marques Townes.

Yeah, KAT might be 'disgruntled' in Minnesota, but this has been the story pretty much since year 2. I would love to give the Knicks front office credit that they did the offseason right after missing out on every star, but there has to be a second part to the plan. They signed everyone to 1+1 deals so they could trade or re-sign whoever plays well/keep space open next year for the same routine. But there has to be a path to either a complete rebuild and loading up on only young guys or flipping all this shit for someone like KAT. 

Until then all we have is #PhotoshopSZN, which is pretty much like Christmas.