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Mississippi State QB Out For Bowl Game After Being Punched By Teammate At Practice

Mississippi State has had QB issues all season long. They've gone back and forth between Garrett Shrader and Tommy Stevens. Their bowl game was supposed to feature Garrett Shrader as their starter. The key part of that sentence? WAS:

SOURCE-The twist was that shortly before the press conference Shrader and a defensive teammate had been in a confrontation stemming from an in-practice contact drill. Their post-practice altercation escalated before other Bulldogs separated them.

The end result was a swollen eye for the quarterback which initially seemed of moderate concern. There was a short walk-through Saturday practice, with Shrader withheld from participation.

Follow-up examination after swelling subsided revealed some orbital bone damage. While further evaluations continue sources are now confident the bone will heal naturally, without surgical attention and perhaps by the end of January.

It appears that "swollen eye" for Shrader came from a punch via William Gay:

It's a shame that Gay didn't hit Garrett a little bit lower on the face. His neckbeard may have lowered the impact:


It's been an eventful fall for Garrett. Getting punched in his face probably second to getting taken for a ride on a helicopter in September: