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Does This Look Like the Face Of A Dude Who Branded His Initials Into His Girlfriend's Vagina When She Said She Was Too Tired To Go Dancing?



CHANDLER, Ariz.A Chandler man was arrested for a bizarre crime — police say he branded his initials onto his girlfriend.Officers took 49-year-old Christopher Jackson into custody last week. Back on May 15, authorities say Jackson had gone to a baseball game. After the game, he wanted to go dancing, but the victim claimed she was too tired. She told investigators he gave her some pills to stay awake, but she ended up passing out. Court records show Jackson then used a branding tool and a butane torch to burn the initials “CJ” onto her vaginal area.Detectives say the woman didn’t come forward until last month because she was fearful. She told them Jackson bragged about branding other women in the past and said he did it to her because she belonged to him.

Everybody is calling this guy a psycho. Well not me. Let any dude who says he wouldn’t love to brand his initials into the vagina of his girlfriend or any chick he’s fucked for that matter cast the first stone. It’s the ultimate power move. Like hey bitch that pussy belong to me now. I’ve just never had the balls to do it. I mean you think this chick is gonna say she’s too tired to go dancing next time he asks? Fuck no. She’s his property now. She does what he says when he says. That’s the rule when your vagina has been branded.