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Stoolie Video: Dunking On Urkel


Jaleel (aka Urkel) was randomly at this corporate March Madness party on Friday. He is a huge UCLA fan and was watching the game intently in the theatre room, which you can see in the background of the video. One of my buddies had seen a video of some college kids doing this prank on campus so we decided it had to be done to Urkel. Once the UCLA game ended, you can see what took place.


Poor Urkel. Guy can’t catch a break. Can’t even enjoy his team winning a basketball game without being facialized. That’s the life Urkel leads. Was never able to shed the Urkel persona. Nobody would dunk all over Cory Matthews. Nobody would posterize Zack Morris. But if Urkel is in the house, all bets are off. He’s not Jaleel. He’s just Urkel.

PS: I’d love to see this become a thing. Dunking on Urkel, Screech, Chuckie Finster, Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All. How do you make something an internet thing? Just all the random 90’s shows nerds getting dunked on is 1000 times funnier than the Harlem Shake.