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'This Is My Motherfuckin' City' - Pat Bev Wasting Absolutely Zero Time To Troll LeBron After His Game-Winning Play

There are a few guarantees in life, but one of those is that Patrick Beverley will talk shit no matter what. That will only get more aggressive after he makes a game-winning play against LeBron on Christmas in a game that the Clippers come back in. Again, just a fact here. It's why I love the dude. He's an absolute psychopath but someone I want in the foxhole with me. Look at the man, you know he told Kawhi/PG/Doc that he wanted LeBron no matter what and then immediately delivered. Not only that but he delivered an A+ troll. Going directly to Ty Lue (his assistant coach) and mocking LeBron's offense? That's how you do it. Screaming that LA is his motherfucking city? I see no lie. Remember this is how he celebrated beating the Lakers the first time: 

Fucking love Pat Bev.