The Ninja And Dakotaz Beef Has Led To Twitter Blocking And Threats To Expose Inside Info - On Christmas Eve And Hanakuah, No Less!

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes! Even though this subject matter is NOT a joke. I REPEAT, this subject matter is NOT a joke. But goodness gracious, once this hits that Facebook algorithm it’s Pageviews with a capital P!]

DEXERTO – Twitch streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman has slammed Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, over comments he made regarding creators criticism of Fortnite. Ninja and Dakotaz have been taking shots at each other, disagreeing over whether content creators should be able to criticize the game they are playing. Ninja has clashed with other Fortnite personalities in the past over this matter, including Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, saying that if they no longer like the game, they should simply stop playing it. On December 20, Blevins released a video to Twitter, in which he lashed out at streamers for criticizing Fortnite, encouraging them instead to go and play other games. Dakotaz has hit back in dramatic fashion on December 24.

CBS here covering for that Fortnite Boy, Smitty, who apparently is too LAZY while behind the wheel for hours on Christmas Eve and can’t do his job! What a useless sack of shit who needs to be called out publicly 100% of the time, everytime! But Ninja and Dakotaz have been going back and forth for a bit, mostly regarding this video on how Ninja lashed out at streamers for criticizing Fortnite:

Dakotaz took offense and has been firing shots back, on Christmas Eve and Hanakauh, no less!

Is that a threat?!?! Oh boy, Dakotaz! The heat got so hot that even Mrs. Ninja has chimed in on those interwebs!

Oh my! Now Ninja is indeed a coward for never meeting Smitty at the Clocktower, but maybe, just maybe he shouldn’t criticize other streamers for bashing Fortnite, even if he did it the most generic way possible! Everyone has benefiting from the Fortnite well, even though the game clearly STINKS at times! But then again, maybe Dakotaz just has a big dump in his pants over Ninja’s success and should just mind his own beeswax! Oh well! Maybe once this beef settles down Ninja can actually come back to get more lessons and achieve some glory once again!

PS – On Christmas Eve…and Hanukah, no less!

PPS – You mess with Ninja’s fanbase you’re messing with Smitty’s Army, too! Not as cool or as young as the #GoPresGo crowd, but still a vibrant, intimidating bunch!