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Barstool Beats - KFC's SkinnyFiat Playlist

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Picture me rollin in my 500 Fiat POP. I got no love for you haters, there’s no need to be friends! Let Me Ride, Picture Me Rollin, Jeeps Lex Coups Bimaz and Benz, Fantastic Voyage and all the best rap songs about ridin dirty. Just envision me in my leather jacket, flow blowin in the wind while I ride on 15 inch hubcaps in my microcar.


And chirp all you want but when the summer hits and you’re crammed ass to dick on the LIRR heading out to the Hamptons or navigating through the 7th Circle of Hell Penn Station to head down to Manasquan, just know I’ll be cruising with the Roommate like Hov and B. Doing about 45 on the parkway with a hunnid horsepower revving away living the dream as I escape this godforsaken city.