Feminist Lunatics Up To Their Usual Tricks Taking Everything I Say Out Of Context And Making Me Seem Pro Rape


Dang…Pageviews just got cheapshotted by feminist Dykes again. And people wonder why I hate these lesbos so much?  Because this is all they do.   Take everything I say out of context and make me look like an asshole. They are literally hanging these signs up everywhere at ESU. It’s called sarcasm you dirty little skanks!   This is like walking into a comedy show, hearing a joke and and then telling everybody that the comedian is the antichrist without mentioning it’s a bit from a comedy show. I mean that fucking 2nd quote was a direct response from me to feminists making fun of how insane they are. I was trolling them. Showing how feminists don’t get sarcasm which they clearly don’t. Yeah I’m pro rape.  That’s it. (this quote will definitely be used against me in the future with no context. Lock it up)  That’s why millions of normal people with brains that work love Barstool. Both guys and girls. Seriously though these dykes should be arrested for slander. Throw em all in a jail and let em shove dildos into each other. Get em off the streets. They are a threat to America.

PS – ESU Feminist Alliance is a good looking bunch.   I see you grab ass on the left.  I’d hit it.